9. The Hermit

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Prudence         learns               with profundity. Inverted:        Betrayal           conceals           with falsehood. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: You will attain that which you are seeking.  Esoteric: You’ve reached a point in your evolution where you should know that you don’t have to have all the answers, or know the future in advance, in order to ward off failure.  Reservations and distrustful thoughts are barriers that stand between youContinue reading “9. The Hermit”

8. Strength

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Courage           subdues           with force. Inverted:         Discord            abuses             with weakness. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: There are powerful spiritual forces at work and obstacles to your success will be overcome…you will be given the power to succeed.  Esoteric: This is an important Karmic period, and actions taken during this time will be the needs of your tomorrow.  If you are feelingContinue reading “8. Strength”

7. The Chariot

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Dominance      attains             with victory. Inverted:          Rebellion         riots                 with defeat. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: You will soon have a new perspective and attain great peace or satisfaction.  Esoteric: All paths lead to the same place and we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing even when we’re wondering if we should or shouldn’t be doing it orContinue reading “7. The Chariot”